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Molly Stone, illustration to William Butler Yeats’s “The Second Coming”.


I spent the last few weeks laboring upon a commentary on the recent events under the working title “Suicide by Islam”. It began thus:

“The cult of political correctness is full of contradictions so explosive that it is difficult to understand why they start blowing up only now. A serious lack of logic has been obvious already in the proud slogans of the French Revolution because individual liberty and equality are not compatible at all, and fraternity does not jibe too well with either. At present, feminism begins to collide with transsexualism while the BlackLivesMatter movement tries to impose its diktats on the organizers of gay pride parades. The cowardly disguised Antifa thugs set cars on fire, break windows, and try to crush freedom of speech in the name of defending democracy.

Homosexual activists successfully demand the prohibition of conversion therapy because “nobody chooses their sexual orientation”; simultaneously, the believers in gender ideology support sex change because “gender is a social construct only”. Lurid new examples of this official schizophrenia surface every day. 

But nothing demonstrates the essence of political correctness as an opiate for the fools better than its attitude toward Islam. The very fact that Islam is an uncompromisingly monotheistic religion, which places the fundamental stress not only on the objective existence of God but also on the absolute and universal character of His commandments, should discredit it in the eyes of the atheistic, secular-minded social justice warriors. However, this is clearly not the case. These fighters for a “better world” are even quite willing to overlook the submission of women, persecution of homosexuals, child marriages, polygamy, female genital mutilation, slavery, animal cruelty and religious intolerance, not to mention the ubiquitous rapes and terrorist mass murders which have become by now part and parcel of our everyday life. Although a few of these phenomena are only cultural practices without deeper religious roots, Western liberals carefully avoid criticizing even them”.

Afterwards, I was trying to analyze the causes of such astonishing confusion and hypocrisy, finding their prophetic foreshadowing in the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, but I was constantly distracted by the ever-greater eruptions of madness in the outside world: the jihadist massacre on the Westminster Bridge; thousands of African economic migrants flooding Italy every single day; European police forces tracking down the “Islamophobes” instead of Islamic terrorists; the “comedienne” Kathy Griffin brandishing a bloody head of Donald Trump; an American Democrat supporter shooting at Republican members of Congress, and the presstitutes and leftist politicians either pretending that nothing had happened or blaming it on the lack of gun control in the States; Canadian Liberals legally abrogating their whole nation’s freedom of expression – and corrupting the Queen’s English – in order to “protect” a tiny transvestite minority; Pope Francis comparing European migrant centres to the Nazi death camps; the brain-damaged by political correctness students attacking (in the name of “anti-racism”, no less) their white professors at various American campuses – and, above all, the boundless, crass, suicidal idiocy of the masses who genuinely seem to believe that the absolute individual freedom is the greatest good, in defense of which the brutal suppression of individual freedom is absolutely necessary.

Under the combined impact of those events, I had finally realized that my planned article would be simply redundant. The situation is beyond redemption – “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;  Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” (1). These who could understand my arguments are already in agreement with them. The ones who reject them, preferring mere emotions and saccharine shibboleths, will never even consider them. That’s why I will not finish my article.

Mariusz Wesolowski

June 2017

(1) William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming”, 1919.


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Screenshot 2015-11-05 00.42.52Mariusz Wesolowski – (ur. 1954), absolwent polonistyki i historii sztuki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, od roku 1982 mieszka w Kanadzie.


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