First Nation Sacred Water Walk 2015

Sacred Water Walk

A three day camping trip had just come to an end and after a brief tour of the Bruce Power Visitor’s Centre we were on our way home, not really expecting to see anything interesting as we drove down highway 21. However, between Kincardine and Port Elgin something caught our eye. Two Natives, one man holding a staff up high and a woman walking by his side with a large jar of water, were slowly walking by the road in what appeared to be some sort of procession. Intrigued, we pulled over next to one of the few cars that were parked down the side of the highway and asked a woman patiently waiting for her turn (we quickly realized the march was in the form of a relay) about what we were witnessing. As it turned out, it was a sacred water walk, carried out by the people of Beausoleil First Nation and other bands, to raise awareness about the importance of clean water and to bring attention to our common interest of protecting it. Despite having already walked for over 40 days and still having around 2 weeks of marching ahead of them (their Water Walk started in Matane, Quebec and they were headed all the way over to Madeline Island, Wisconsin, the entire group was energetic and cheerful, aiming to draw attention to the cause with their positive energy and good vibes. Elisabeth, the woman who we first talked to, was happy to let us record her telling us a bit more about this interesting endeavour for a worthy cause and so we were able to create a video to spread their positive message. After saying our goodbyes, we set off to Toronto, full of thoughts about the importance of water and how often we all forget about it. It was a complete coincidence that we met these people, but we’re glad it happened and got to see another perspective after visiting a nuclear plant.

Filip Rybczyński

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Words from the Water

Water is amazing, it flows where it wants to, it can go through any crack, crook or cranny. It can sing the most beautiful songs, if you listen well. She can sound like a male voice, especially during huge waves. It ebbs and flows leaving us messages in her journey throughout life. We are connected and united to life with water, and as we are all united by water; it seems we must be conscious of all things united.This connections or linkage helps us understand life and what it gives to humans, nature and animals. We are all so connected, so united with/by water. It is all life. (…)

Josephine Mandamin

Grandmother, WaterWalker

Photos: Filip Rybczyński

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