Aleksander Rybczynski – Time of Freedom

dedicated to Pat King, Tamara Lich and other political prisoners in Canada



the convoy of freedom
set off from Vancouver
Calgary Edmonton thousands
of truck drivers have taken up
a fight that no one believed in anymore
humbly listening to messages
from a tyrant with the face of a passenger going
to islands of illusion and prosperity who encouraged
the happiness of the last minute and absolute
obedience – all obeyed even
the rebellious silently endured lies, insults and
humiliations there seemed to be no more hope
and we will forever shuffle to work
which was paid for with the loss of dignity and another dose
of poison enslaved we got into the electric
vehicle that instead to a bright future
drove us to the scrap yard and the dump of ideas
from which history spread endless
thorns of concentration camps we were ordered
to hold our tongues to turn
into blind alleys and not dream of a big
highway and great space at dawn
our emissaries set off in the roar of
engines louder and louder echoing
muted voices they are
under way and we’re going
beside them to the war from which
we need to come back
victoriously without
giving way
not one

O God thank you
that you gave me the gift
of life when
my people were waking up to
freedom in the year 1979
during the pilgrimage of
the Polish Pope from Wadowice
at the time of the birth of Solidarity
and now when the drivers of great
trucks in Canada fired their
engines and heated the flame of hope
in the hearts of simple inhabitants of
Canada for whom freedom turned out
to be the most important they surged on the highways
from the Pacific to the Atlantic from sea to sea
humming the song of liberation they are no longer
alone nor are stigmatized and their
humiliation was rewarded with the moment in
which the truth outweighed the pane of lies
today everyone is in Ottawa flags unfurled
the banner of freedom flutters on high
in the biting cold held fast
in our freezing hands
we will not hold them out to the tyrants who
have always been eager to cut off hands outstretched
against the power the prime minister and his entourage
have already written a paragraph in the black book
of history it will do what all regimes have done
before their fall one does not ask for freedom
and the humiliated nations
tear down the Bastilles and demand
justice for the time being their
heroes are ready to wait
the churches are already opened
the souls are on the shoulder
the power of good gives strength
by the hosts of
and evil

tyrants and puppets
they always have similar
and wicked solutions
falsification of elections political
murders propaganda blackmail
martial law and recently in Ontario
state of emergency however it’s difficult to enter
a tank into the carnival of freedom invariably
pretending to care about democracy human rights
and prosperity murdering in white gloves while pretending
that spilled blood is just the dust of history low price of the higher
good and bright future we have turned our backs on these
who not believing in God try to breathe into us death the silence
of obedience and shackles of bondage we have turned away from
the lie of the crime decrees signed by the subservient
judges of the peace and capitulation
injected into our defenceless
bodies – we stand in the streets of Ottawa and little
insurgents carry gasoline cans lest
our hearts go out – we dance raise
hymns to God songs of freedom we spin
around monuments to fallen heroes
we look like carefree participants
in a carnival with banners lights
and horns we play with freedom
like children and we humiliate those who
by signing a pact with the devil want to
pay with the soul of entire generations
they decided to bring to their knees
those who distinguish good from
evil – the carnival of freedom
do not make room for decrees
we endure happy in
the cold knowing that
we have set off to
a battle we can’t
give up
it is a fight
to the death
and to the life


politicians are like
old criminals
from the time of communism
in Poland they decided
that the most effective
method of communication and achieving
goals is to have “deniability”
when someone dies after an injection
of substance against the plague it has
nothing to do with the vaccine when three
weeks after the siege of parliament in Ottawa
by the drivers of big trucks the injunctions against which
the heroic protest has taken place are abolished
it has nothing to do with the demands to which the government closes
their ears – a significant proportion of Canadians has unacceptable
views attempts to enter into negotiations with the prime minister who
escapes to the islands of illusion and to the barber who crowns the head
of the statue of vanity with a haircut like the waves of the Danube
and who stands in front of the cameras before the humiliated nation
wearing a perfectly cut suit of a fashion model
is like talking to a brick wall
from behind which come out the special police forces
in their democratic version – to intimidate and try
not to kill for as long as possible
the police are not used to play
the role of the Party’s iron arm on police cars
it still says “serve and protect” but this
slogan like a pennon turns toward the dictator
the siege of continues and the besiegers are
hemmed in slandered by propaganda
contempt and hypocrisy the siege continues
without siege towers or ladders
the battering ram that destroys evil has a spiritual
character it cannot be touched by the tar
poured from the throats of the dying
monster our victory
eludes the project of
humanity engineers
the waterfall of roars


the rulers are putting up
a wall the parliament gets farther
and farther away from the people
from reality and the will of truth
the border grows like mushrooms after rain
there is no place for dialog conversations shaking
of hands it is populated by informants traitors units of
special services led by the prime minister who
hides from questions behind responsibility and contempt
the totalitarian machine swings the battering ram of fear in the hope
that it will make to succumb
those who resist enslavement they are defenceless but ready to endure
to the end they repeat the words that once opened their hearts and tightened their
hands on the hilts of swords but today they are only food for slanderers the media
and scoundrels freedom brotherhood and dignity have become our last shield
a hymn that corrupt politicians and citizens do not understand for
whom homeland is illusory security privileges at the cost of freedom
they do not notice over their heads the planes sowing
heavy clouds that choke the breath and besiege defenceless troops
now with streams of rain now with crackling frost
tyrants don’t use sophisticated tortures they chose a show of force lawlessness
the decrees and servile media that will explain everything they want
to take away our children and pets to freeze bank accounts
to bring us to our knees to arrest hope love
and identity the truckers opened the folded wings
of Canada rousing flocks of birds on the distant
continents the seed has been sown and the calling
of a rebel army will go on everywhere
where they remember the history the legends
the open skies of ancestors where
one meets a helpless God
who calls to freedom
and resurrects those from whom
the right to dream the right to want and
the right to live without a consent
to compromise
humiliation and


1968 – Prague spring
1980 – Polish August
2022 – Canadian Winter
three wings of freedom
that carried me through life in
hope and conviction that beauty is born
where people take courage to
change the world and expose the evil suffocating in
the face of truth the convoy of freedom leading on
the barricades crossed the continent from sea to sea
for the steadfast and heroes of historical transformation
of drivers into cavalry of justice there was no place in
the inn and in the parliament they were handed over to the torturers
to the disgrace of corrupt judges and to the pillory of the mendacious
media which faithfully serve evil for a handful of dollars the desires faith
honesty and belief in the liberating power of love were arrested
also arrested trampled and thrown into prisons
was the unstoppable brotherhood of
people ready to give up peace and the safety of silence
for the truth shouted out at the top of their lungs
in front of death and a devilish mask hiding the real muzzle
of nothingness those who restarted our dead hearts and taught us
again to hold the front line were arrested too
the special forces are ready to attack
they prod us with clubs
and freeze our bank accounts
Tamara Lich Pat King were arrested
those who uplifted us
to life like a sail and carry
the banner of rebellion above their heads
there will be no
triumph of destruction
and enslavement
from behind the bars from behind
the squadrons of evil
our free voice
rings out

Aleksander Rybczynski

translated from Polish by Mariusz Wesolowski


O autorze:

Aleksander Rybczyński is a Polish Canadian poet, photographer, videographer, reporter, and editor of the online cultural magazine Polska Canada which is also dedicated to reporting on subjects ignored by the mainstream media. He has published several books in Polish. For the last six years he has been writing Poetical Chronicles, i.e., poetry dedicated to the truth about the current events with the aim to be a witness of our times.

Fot. Hanka Kościelska

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