Marcin Russocki – “Blown Away 2”

“Blown Away 2” oil on corrugated metal, 34” x 60”, NYC Subway, 2016

This painting depicts the kind of chance encounter that occurs when people see each other on opposing platforms with only seconds to spare before oncoming trains eclipse the view they have if each other. The choice of material emphasizes the motion of the train and the emotion of the man struck by the vision of the woman he feels a sudden and inexplicably connection with.


Marcin Russocki

Artist Bio


Marcin Russocki’s education and broad range of interests have lead him to work as an architectural designer, watercolor artist, children’s book illustrator, portrait painter, sculptor, and game inventor.  Working with a wide variety of mediums and across many disciplines has enriched his creativity and helped him cultivate a deeper understanding of the artistic process.  Marcin currently works as a commissioned artist and at Jabuka Games Inc., a company he co-founded in 2017. That promotes and sells his new word game Jabuka.


Marcin Russocki was born in Toronto, of Polish parents Małgorzata Russocka and Stanislaw Russocki. He attended Upper Canada College, and followed in the footsteps of his mother studying  Architecture at the University of Toronto and beginning  his career working for Diamond and Schmitt Architects.  Marcin later moved to New York City to work for Robert A.M Stern. Following a strong desire to explore painting, he took a job working for Peter Marino Architects as a full time watercolor artist.  He began rendering concepts for distinguished clients such as His Highness the Aga Kahn, and Ty Warner. Being a keen observer, He regularity sketched subway portraits on the way to work and soon found himself taking on commissioned work. Seeking more freedom of creativity and also being interested in sculpture, Marcin left P.M.A  (continuing to do freelance watercolor architectural renderings) and  began taking courses at The Art Student’s League where he was awarded The Fantasy Fund Scholarship for Sculpture while studying  under Greg Wyatt. Marcin also received awards of distinction for painting and drawing while studying with Joseph Peller and Leonid Lerman. Marcin’s first commissioned sculpture was for a U.S President.

Other notable clients have included HRH the Prince of Whales, the late Ted Rogers, The University of Toronto and the Bronfman family.



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Artist Statement


I am interested in exploring phenomenology, duality, non duality,  psychology and social dynamics in urban spaces.  Art can play a profound role, by questioning the status quo, provoking thought and dialog, both internal and external. I hope to create works of art that delight the mind and the senses, stir the emotions, cause laughter, existential crisis or empowering epiphanies and perhaps reveal that nothing has a meaning UNTIL we choose, either to accept a suggested meaning, or we give it a meaning of our own. From this perspective art can play a powerful role as a mirror and window into own psyche.

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