GEORGE BUYTENDORP – Abandoned Homestand



One Picture Gallery – George Buytendorp (1923 – 2014), Abandoned Homestand

Born in the Netherlands in 1923, George Buytendorp studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Related Sciences in The Hague. He apprenticed under his father, also a graduate of the academy, and completed his studies in art and art restoration. He owned his first studio in Arnhem and later in Amsterdam and worked for the aesthetic department of the Dutch government. George then became a designer, art consultant, and purchasing agent for the Artificia Gallery in The Hague.

George and his family immigrated to Canada in 1951 and settled in Manitoba. (…) George’s paintings captured the grandeur of Canada’s prairie and wilderness, distilling it to the essence of a simple statement in line, form and colour. His intensity as an artist led him to believe that, “One should only make a statement when one is emotionally involved and understands the character of one’s subject. One must have the technical ability to make that statement. When you have made it, you should stop. Emotion can only last so long–anything after is weak and ineffective.”

Selected Media

Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013

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