A Polish-Australian writer’s protest letter


Oh no, not this again… A Polish-Australian writer’s protest against calling German Nazi death camps “Polish”.


To: Complaint Officer                                                   Sydney, 5 of July 2016
Nine Network P/L


Dear Complaint Officer,


I would like to complain that during 6PM Channel 9 News on 03/07/2016, regarding the death of Elie Wiesel, the following statement was made: “…Wiesel and the entire Jewish population of his town were forcibly sent to the Polish concentration camp in 1944…”.

Or, this is a perfect example of the most vicious and vile propaganda, because there were no POLISH camps, only the GERMAN/NAZI concentration camps, located on the Polish territory. Poland in 1939-1945 was under the German occupation and the Polish state did not exist, therefore could not oppose to the German plans. All these concentration camps were run by German/Nazis. So, to refer to these camps as Polish is totally erroneous and false, also very upsetting to the Polish community in Australia and in particular to our WWII survivors, Polish ex-servicemen and the Polish prisoners of conscience who live here and everywhere in the world.

Those, who died in these camps, were not only Polish Jews, but also Polish Christians.In the first transports to Auschwitz camp were sent Polish Christians, Jews later.

If someone referred to Guantanamo Bay prison as to a CUBAN camp, you would think he is out of his mind, would you not ?

We expect a formal apology to be communicated to viewers during Channel 9 News as a matter of urgency.


Sincerely yours

Marek Baterowicz, Ph.D.

Zachęcamy do subskrypcji biuletynu POLSKA CANADA

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